Linked Helper Review And Pricing [2022 update]. Is It a Much Needed Help Or A Disaster?

Are you looking for a way to boost your LinkedIn profile and obtain more from the platform? Well, you need to check out this automation tool called Linked Helper.

This is out of those powerful tools which can help you get more visibility for your profile and connect you with more people on LinkedIn.

The purpose behind this blog is to guide you and give you a closer look at Linked Helper by giving you an honest review of whether it is worth the investment. What’s new with Linked Helper in 2022? Is it even worth upgrading to the latest version?

Here, we’ll take a look at what’s changed and what’s remained the same with Linked Helper to help you with a better understanding of the tool.

Read on to find out more! The functions of Linked Helper

What Is Linked Helper?

The first LinkedIn automation tool, Linked Helper, enables you to automate various LinkedIn tasks, including encouraging contacts to connect, messaging contacts automatically, setting up autoresponder messages for new contacts, inviting contacts to join groups, and much more.

In other words, Linked Helper can be used to automatically find people and connect with them for the growth of your business.

Linked Helper 2 appears to be more secure than the previous version. It is the most reliable automation solution for sending personalized invitations to particular second and third-level contacts. The Linked Helper team has been working on the software to improve it for consumers and has finally created an updated and modernized version called Linked Helper 2

linked helper
Source: LinkedHelper

How does Linked Helper 2 Work?

You may identify and connect with LinkedIn members with Linked Helper 2, a LinkedIn automation tool. You can automate your marketing efforts and generate leads, which means more business.

It is a unique desktop program that can operate locally on your computer.

Linked Helper 2 boasts many features, all about automating actions to be done manually on LinkedIn. Its primary purpose is to customize and create campaigns to streamline and automate lead generation and sales outreach.  

Some of Linked Helper 2's best capabilities that can transform your company include:

  • Linked Helper2 is a tool that can help you endorse a group of people which you specify. Those individuals will then receive news that you have supported them, increasing the likelihood that your website will be clicked and endorsed.
  • This tool sends out a large number of requests to be suggested. All you have to do is just relax and see the tool doing the job for you.
  • It helps you increase your social network's size to an infinite number of people in just a few clicks.
  • It has an auto mailing system that allows you to reach your business partners in no time.
  • It is an autoresponder for LinkedIn that can send automated messages to your recently added connections.
  • You can invite your first LinkedIn acquaintances to join LinkedIn groups.
  • It enables you to automatically add your signature to the automated messages.

How can Linked Helper help?

Here are the main benefits of Linked Helper 2:

  • All LinkedIn accounts, including Free LinkedIn, LinkedIn Premium, Recruiter, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, are reported to be compatible.
  • It is considered an affordable automation tool with the number of features it provides.
  • It provides a 14-day free trial, allowing users enough time to determine compatibility.

Shortcomings of Linked helper 2:

  • Unlike other automation tools available in the market, this tool is not a cloud-based tool which increases the chances of LinkedIn detection.
  • This tool fails to give any recommendation on the limit of automation which can lead to accounts being banned for the users.
  • It is not user-friendly. It has a huge learning curve and a heavy energy-draining program.

How Much Does Linked Helper 2 Cost?

Linked Helper 2 is available in two price tiers:

  • Standard: $15 per month
  • A plus: $45 monthly

It also offers various monthly discounts, making it a considerable budget-friendly tool.

A 14-day free trial is also available, which might help you better understand the tool.

linked helper pricing
Source: LinkedHelper 

LinkedIn Helper 2 Review:

The Linked Helper is an excellent time-saving solution if you're seeking a way to automate your LinkedIn growth. It is a powerful tool for LinkedIn users to automate their growth by making it easier for them to find new people and connect with them automatically. This allows them to focus on other things of the business that matters the most.

Is Linked Helper 2 Worth The Price?

With the number of features this tool provides, it is worth spending on it for your business. It offers many automated features on LinkedIn, such as creating multiple campaigns, sending connection requests, sending InMail messages, sending follow-up messages and a lot more which saves a lot of time and effort.
Its primary purpose is to customize and create campaigns to streamline and automate lead generation and sales outreach.

Will Linked Helper Get You Banned From LinkedIn?

Safety is the one area where Linked Helper is significantly lacking. Undoubtedly it is an excellent tool for the growth of your LinkedIn profile and connecting with your prospects; people using this tool are getting banned because it is known to violate LinkedIn’s terms and conditions and also its daily limits like prospecting and campaigning activity.
The ultimate red flag for using this tool is third-party software. The fact that LinkedIn has decided to go on a hunt against third-party software increases the chances for a permanent ban.

Reviews On G2:

Regardless of its chances of getting you banned on LinkedIn here are some of the positive and negative reviews which users shared on G2 regarding this tool.

Positive reviews:

  • Provides lots of features.
  • Affordable in comparison to other automating software platforms.

Negative reviews:

  • Chances of getting your account banned on LinkedIn.
  • It has a huge learning curve and a heavy energy-draining program.
Linked Helper G2 review
Source: G2

Alternatives to LinkedIn Helper:

  • Salesrobot
  • Waalaxy
  • Octopus CRM

A side note - although Salesrobot is our growth hacking tool, we have rated it in a way that we think is honest with no business practices to bend projections. We made unbiased and fair recommendations in rating Sales Robot as we would make in rating any other software on our list.


Salesrobot is a tool that can automate LinkedIn campaigns for you. With the help of this tool, you can identify people in your network and create tailored messaging with its AI technology for a broad spectrum of users, including startups, sales teams, recruiting agencies, and small businesses; it is the ideal LinkedIn outreach tool.

Sales Robot has been rated 5.0 on G2.

Salesrobot dashboard
Source: Salesrobot

How does Salesrobot Work?

  • Salesrobot helps you get sky-high response rates and can manage follow-ups smoothly.
  • Your chances of effectively establishing successful business relationships are increased by its warm-up feature.
  • It supports the management of several LinkedIn profiles and works well for teams.


  • With its various reliable methods, Salesrobot may safely bypass LinkedIn constraints and send over 200 messages and connection requests daily. It can also deliver bulk messages to members of a group.
  • Because it is cloud-based, it is virtually invisible to LinkedIn. It pays utmost attention to the safety of its users by randomizing the activity and mimics human activity almost to perfection.
  • This automation tool can quickly compose and deliver hyper-personalized messages and connection requests.
  • Email enrichment Option: The program can quickly identify and verify your prospects' corporate email addresses. Because Salesrobot has integrated data from a verified email address, the chances of a mismatch or difficulties in verification are minimized.
  • It is completely easy to use. So even if you are a beginner in this automation field, you won’t find any difficulties with this tool. It has  24/7 customer support which will be available to help you whenever you face an issue.


The only problem with this tool is its 2-tier pricing plan month. However, you can rest assured that your money's worth will more than cover the expense. After all, you have options for fully automating almost every activity you would need to generate a consistent stream of warm leads and lots of tools that allow you to tailor each step of your outreach process while remaining completely safe.

Salesrobot Pricing:

salesrobot pricing
Source: Salesrobot

At the time being, Salesrobot has a couple of pricing plans:

  • Advanced at $79 per month per account paid yearly.
  • Professional at $179 per month per account paid yearly.

And as we said earlier, we believe that before using a product, you must be able to try it first, so here it is. Salesrobot comes with a 14-day free trial, giving you enough time to try every feature and decide whether Salesrobot’s what you are looking for.

But to take your business to new heights, which one should be given preference?

There could be numerous questions revolving in your mind; which one is inexpensive? Which tool has better automation? Which tool brings this and that feature and all such stuff?

Well, you don’t need to worry about all these questions, we are here to solve all your queries, and we will help to draw clarity in your mind about which tool would be valuable for you.


Waalaxy is the LinkedIn and Email automating prospecting tool that can help you save a lot of time setting up your campaigns and automatically connecting to hundreds of leads daily. With its highly personalized messages, you can easily get responses from your prospects and increase the conversion rate.

It has been given 5 stars on G2.

How Does Waalaxy Work?

You may create campaigns and easily automate sequences with this prospecting automation tool in only a few mouse clicks.

It gives you the ability to do a number of things, including exporting prospect data to an external CRM solution to continuously gather and update information, personalizing messages and emails, encouraging a visit to a LinkedIn profile, following a profile, sending a LinkedIn connection request, email, or message, and more.

It is a simple but powerful tool that helps you get higher conversion rates with higher ROI.


  • With the help of this automation tool, you can access more leads which can help double your sales opportunities.
  • It works great for entrepreneurs, consultants or marketers who are looking for conversions from their mailing list by automating their marketing campaigns.
  • Its interface is user-friendly, which makes it more efficient.


  • It is time-consuming.
  • It is not compatible with all the features of LinkedIn.
  • It is slightly on the expensive side.

Waalaxy Pricing:

It comes with 4 pricing editions.

It also offers a 7-day free trial.

Vendor Pricing Page screenshot.

waalaxy pricing
Source: Waalaxy

Octopus CRM

The LinkedIn automation tool Octopus CRM can be used for total LinkedIn automation.

It works with the LinkedIn Basic, Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter plans as a profile visitor and social selling tool.

Octopus CRM
Source: Octopus CRM

How Does Octopus CRM Work?

It is marketing software for LinkedIn that gives you access to your CRM page, allows you to design your marketing funnel, auto-connects, sends automated LinkedIn messages, automatically endorses the talents of your contacts, visits hundreds of profiles every day, and much more.

It enables you with many functions like:

  • Send customized connection requests to LinkedIn connections at the second and third levels.
  • It offers a function that can automate LinkedIn messages, making the social selling process simple by allowing you to send bulk messages to hundreds of first-level contacts.
  • This tool has a profile visitor function that allows you to visit each targeted audience member's profile individually. This eventually increases the engagement between you and your target audience.
  • Your contacts can immediately attest to your recommendations of their abilities, and you may do the same for them.
  • You can automatically create campaigns and also keep multiple audiences separately. With this, prospecting of sales becomes more result oriented.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It has great options to link campaigns.
  • It has incredible training resources.
  • It provides great value for money.
  • Incredible customer service.


  • Octopus is not nearly as safe as cloud-based programs because it is a Chrome plugin. Your device must also be turned on for the duration of your campaigns because it is linked to your browser.

In addition, Octopus CRM only sends automated safety limitations and alerts to members of the Unlimited plan.

The less expensive subscriptions can lead to the banning of your LinkedIn accounts.

  • Because there are no options for advanced automation and no method to develop intelligent sequences, you must design a brand-new campaign for each step you wish to take. Your prospects' names must also be manually cleared of all symbols and emojis. If you don't realize this, the tool will send connection request messages complete with titles, symbols, and emoticons to make it evident that they weren't sent by a sane person but rather by a computer.

  • Again, everything must be done manually; there are no options for setting up automatic limitations or scheduling operations. This raises the question of whether Octopus CRM qualifies as an automation tool.
  • Several ways to get around LinkedIn's restrictions - The email invitation is the only way to circumvent LinkedIn's limitations. There is a catch to this, though—you can only use this feature if you have the highest subscription level, and even then, you'll only get 500 email finder credits.

How much does Octopus CRM cost?

Octopus CRM Pricing
Source: Octopus CRM

For organizations who wish to use Octopus CRM to automate several LinkedIn profiles, there are four pricing tiers available, as well as the opportunity to create custom plans.

Following are the plans:

  • Beginning at $9.99 monthly;
  • Pro for $14.99 monthly;
  • Accelerated at $21.99 a month;
  • Unlimited service at $39.99 per month.

A 35% savings is yours if you choose annual billing for these costs.

The plans have a catch even though they are inexpensive. You must select the Unlimited outreach subscription if you want access to all of the necessary choices for LinkedIn outreach automation.

The only package that offers the capability of emailing invites to prospects, options for app integration, and some safety restrictions is the most expensive one.

The Starter package, the most affordable, has only two features: an auto-invite option and a data dashboard.

There is a 7-day free trial for all plans, which is insufficient time to decide whether the tool is a good fit for you.

Linked Helper Summary:

Linked Helper is an excellent time-saving solution if you're seeking a way to automate your LinkedIn growth. It is an effective tool for LinkedIn users to automate their growth by making it more straightforward to identify new individuals and connect with them automatically, allowing them to concentrate on the most important business-related tasks.

However, the fact that this program is third-party software is the biggest caution sign against utilizing it. LinkedIn's decision to launch an investigation into third-party software increases the likelihood of a permanent ban.

I hope the information above helped you understand this tool's advantages and disadvantages and some market-available alternatives.


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