Sean B Case Study

Customer story

Sean is a sales and marketing specialist with more than 20 years of online and offline work experience. Over the years, Sean has built a number of fruitful business contacts and collaborations that have brought in a lot of money for his clients. Sean works as a freelance digital marketing consultant, content strategist, and business development specialist. He helps companies grow their followings on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and Bing by putting strategies into place that increase the number of leads and inquiries they receive.

The Challenges Sean B is facing

Sean is an independent consultant who did not have a sales team to fall back on. He was responsible for every aspect of his sales operation, starting from reaching out to closing the deals. This was surely a time-consuming and lengthy process to tackle on your own. As a freelancer, he required a solution to produce the most output with the least input to make his job easier, but none of the solutions seemed to provide what he needed the most.

Why SalesRobot

SalesRobot uses artificial intelligence to send highly customized messages to prospects, increasing the likelihood that they would accept them and enabling you to initiate more intimate dialogues. When compared to other LinkedIn SaaS programs that offer comparable functionality, the pricing is also relatively affordable. Sean B had tried a number of LinkedIn SAAS tools for his company, but until he started using Sales Robot, not a single one lived up to his expectations.

Sean’s growth after SalesRobot:

Sean began utilizing the SalesRobot trial and instantly saw the potential for automating his outreach in just 14 days. His ability to connect with important prospects led to fresh conversations. The high response rate caught him off guard, but personalization was to blame. For him, the biggest advantage of Sales Robot is getting his prospecting time back. He used to have to spend hours on it, but thanks to SalesRobot's automation, he can now schedule three to four appointments with potential clients. Additionally, Sean was able to target more quality leads and hold excellent discussions with them. He connected with his prospects in mass using SalesRobot, which helped him save a tonne of time.


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