Saviynt - success story

Customer story

Currently, the top platform for cloud identity and access governance is Saviynt. Enterprise users may speed up modern cloud efforts while also quickly resolving the most challenging security and compliance issues. They have now developed into a global corporation that is quickly growing in order to help the biggest businesses in the world improve their identity programs and safeguard their personnel, assets, and infrastructure.  The top brands in the world, like BP, Western Digital, Mass Mutual, and Koch Industries, rely on Saviynt to accelerate digital transformation, enable distributed workforces, and meet ongoing compliance requirements.

The Sales Challenges Saviynt was facing

Saviynt offers a unique service to its client. However, due to the lack of equally abled sales software, their growth and marketing team were suffering. The scale of their outreach efforts did not match the investment or amount of people working for the company. Hence they required a solution to accelerate their growth in a dynamic industry.

Why Saviynt choose SalesRobot?

SalesRobot is a no-brainer SaaS product that operates swiftly and closes all of the market's gaps. The entire Saviynt team soon became familiar with our methodologies thanks to SalesRobot's excellent usability. By employing our artificial intelligence-based compliment writer, SalesRobot enabled them to engage with prospects in more personal discussions and foster a sense of trust that resulted in the generation of more leads. Salespeople may engage with prospects and generate more leads on LinkedIn thanks to Sales Robot's automation software and its distinctive and cutting-edge automation tactics.

Saviynt’s growth after SalesRobot

Saviynt was able to generate more leads and schedule three to four meetings per week with prospective buyers because of our automated system. As a result of Saviynt's novel and distinctive approach, more meetings with interested parties resulted in increased revenue. Saviynt was able to connect with more prospects every day because to Sales Robot, which enabled them to increase income for the company. Over time, Savyint came to understand the advantages of automating some portions of the sales process while keeping a personal touch with the clients, which allowed them to continue to generate recurring income. Saviynt was able to enjoy the money thanks to our creative strategy while the software took care of prospecting.


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