Prospecta Case Study

Customer story

Prospecta is the industry expert in data management solutions that enhance healthcare company operations. They are redefining data management with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Prospecta's data management solutions enhance user experience while generating a sizable return on investment for provider organizations, workers' compensation organizations, and health plans. By dominating the market for data quality and integrity and providing companies with tools for digital growth and transformation, Prospecta seeks to boost performance and operational excellence at all levels of an organization.

The Sales Challenges Prospecta was facing

Before they started using Sales Robot, they had trouble closing deals. Reaching out to potential customers and persuading them to join the business fell well short of each other. The extensive message and sales outreach work also slowed down their day-to-day operations. To improve their ROI, Prospecta needed an alternative to invasive LinkedIn messages. Prospecta needed an update to its online presence as a whole.

Why SalesRobot

When connecting with prospects on LinkedIn, we at Sales Robot adopt a more tactful strategy than the majority of users do and attempt to sell their products right away. Due to the forceful character of the messages, the majority of LinkedIn users either ignore or delete them. Prospecta preferred us to our rivals because of the gentleness of our approach. Prospecta found that Sales Robot succeeds where other products have failed because it has few or no constraints. Prospecta was familiar with our own solution when we connected with them, so they were aware of the potential of SalesRobot even before they saw the demo. With the help of Sales Robot's highly developed AI, they can successfully engage with customers by taking a more individualized and humane approach to lead nurturing.

Prospecta’s growth after SalesRobot

The sales team at Prospecta has improved at connecting with the right leads without coming across as pushy. They have witnessed notable results after employing SalesRobot. They were able to schedule 3–4 meetings each week and save 4 hours each week thanks to Sales Robot. This multiplied their ROI by ten. After a few weeks of use, they were able to land an enterprise customer utilizing the AI-supported Sales Robot. The sales team at Prospecta has improved at connecting with the right prospects without coming across as pushy. It even broadens Prospecta's social media audience, which aids in its competitive standing.


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